MEALS – Economical, wholesome and tasty midday meals are served Mondays to Fridays. Free morning tea and biscuits are served on weekdays.

BILLIARDS – Billiards and snooker are favourite pastimes for our male members. Two tables are available in a lounge equipped with a pub.

POTTERY – Classes are available for beginners through to experienced enthusiasts. Equipment includes a pottery wheel and two kilns.

SEWING – Classes attract many members who produce quality products, which are sold for fundraising purposes.

LIBRARY – Volunteer librarians classify donated books. The EL Library provides large print books and weekly visits by its Mobile Library.

HAIRDRESSING – Qualified hairdressers provide an inexpensive daily service for both ladies and gentlemen.

WOODWORK – A large facility is available for enthusiasts who are allocated space for their own work benches. Communal power tools are at the disposal of suitably qualified members.

CHAPEL – An inter-denominational chapel, equipped with an organ and a piano, is situated within the complex.

CLINIC – Daily clinics are conducted by our resident nurse.

ART CLASSES – These are conducted by a trained instructor in a well-appointed studio.

HARRY HARPER LOUNGE – A venue for social get-togethers, sing-alongs, choir practices, card games, meetings etc. Equipped with MNet and DSTV.