Mission Statement of Lily Kirchmann complex

The Lily Kirchmann complex offers competent nursing and holistic care to members of our community, in a homely caring environment, where dignity, respect and privacy are esteemed, and the full potential of residents is maximised, with the co-operation of family and friends.

Lily Kirchmann offers Assisted-living, Frail care, Sick Bay and Step-Down accommodation.

There are 4 lounge/dining rooms, all with commanding views of the beautiful Ihlanza River valley, and a chapel where communion is served by local ministers and lay preachers.

The complex is run and managed by a senior management team comprising a general manager, a nursing services manager and a manager of the Step-Down unit, who, together with a team of professional nurses, have many years of specialised geriatric nursing experience. This team is backed by auxiliary nurses, home carers and a complement of administration staff. Nurse call bells are monitored from strategically placed duty stations.

Step-Down unit

A licensed, 8 bed Step-Down unit operates within the complex. Medical aids do cover the costs of stays in the unit although pre-authoristion from the relevant medical aid scheme is essential. The unit, together with the Pat Davis wing at Stirling Lodge, also functions as the sick bay of the Foundation.

The complex also has a guest room adjacent to the Step-Down unit. This room has been well used by elderly people living with their families when their families go away on holiday etc.

Needy pensioners are able to apply to the Step-Down manager for financial assistance for sickbay accommodation. The Lily Kirchmann Home Sickbay Fund was initially created by a generous donation from the late Mr. Leon du Plessis. Requests for assistance are evaluated according to various criteria such as income and ability of family to assist, and is limited to a maximum period of 10 days.

Assisted Living

In addition to the en-suite assisted living rooms in the Home itself, assisted-living rooms are also offered at Stirling Lodge in their Pat Davis wing. The prices quoted include all meals, laundry, 24 hour nursing, daily beverages and local TV channels.

The Foundation has also developed a number of Assisted-living life-right units, although these are usually reserved for residents transferring across from other Foundation life-right complexes.These units comprise 2-bedroom flats and single suites in the Scheckter Annexe, 2-bedroom cottages and single suites in the adjacent CastleGreen complex.

All units are linked via intercom and nurse call systems to the duty station that is manned 24 hours a day. Residents in he life-right units can either cook for themselves, have meals delivered, or make use of the dining rooms.

Victoria Home Memorial Wing and Trust

On going loan financing from the Victoria Home Trust has assisted with a number of extensions to the Lily Kirchmann complex. The Trust was formed after the Victoria Home closed down in 1998. In exchange for a very favourable loan, the Foundation agreed to discount a number of beds in the complex by 40%. This has enabled a number of former residents of the Berea Gardens Residence to be cared for in the Home. The extreme frail-care wing of the Home was renamed the Victoria Home Memorial Wing, in memory of the wonderful care provided at Victoria Home prior to its closure. Memorabilia from the Victoria Home is on display in this wing, so the rich heritage of this organization has been preserved to some extent at Lily Kirchmann.


The complex is equipped with a modern well equipped kitchen and laundry. Security is ensured by way of a perimeter security fence and a security guard is on duty 24hrs a day.

We encourage residents to use their own furniture where possible to create a homely environment. In addition, there are no fixed visiting hours and family members and friends are encouraged to continue visiting and supporting our residents.