While doing its utmost to contain costs and increase it’s funding income, Berea Gardens is doing so in a competitive environment of limited resources. With pegged income from government and ever-increasing pressure to provide excellent service and opportunity to disadvantaged elderly people, Berea Gardens is forced to rely more and more on individuals and companies with the foresight and generosity to invest in South Africa’s future! “We neglect our elderly at our own future peril.”

Berea Gardens is in need of the ongoing support of donors to sustain its cross-subsidy programme.

THE ‘NEEDY PENSIONERS FUND’ was established to assist people with various levels of need. For example, midday meals are subsidised by as much as R7,80 per meal for persons in need. 18 Beds in the frail care are subsidised at a rate of 40% of the full tariff. This costs the Foundation in excess of R 500 000.00 per annum.

In addition, most of the rentals of flats in Berea Gardens Residence are subsidised, as are the Sick Bay facilities in the Lily Kirchmann Home.

The LILY KIRCHMANN SICKBAY FUND was established through the generous donation of R 78 000.00 by the late Mr. Leon du Plessis who recognised the desperate need for a facility where sub economic pensioners could enjoy first class care while recovering from surgery or severe illness. This fund is now extensively supported through funds raised at Berea Gardens and by donations from the National Lottery Distribution Trust Fund.

The BEREA GARDENS DEVELOPMENT FUND was established in 2006 following the unsuccessful attempts to secure funding for a building to provide assisted-living to limited-income pensioners. It became clear during the process that Government funding is not available for this type of project and that philanthropic organisations tend to focus on children and health issues such as HIV/AIDS. The Development Fund will  be used primarily for the purchase or construction of non life-right accommodation.

Most of South Africa’s elderly live below the breadline on a social pension of R 1,280 per month. Berea Gardens cares for 1400 elderly in the Buffalo City municipal area, and needs consistent support by way of bequests, planned giving and once-off grants, donations or loans at low interest rates.

Berea Gardens undertakes to use the donated funds for the purposes that they are donated. These needs are outlined under How Can I Help.

Please browse these pages to see how even the smallest donation can make a huge difference.